NYC Sublets: Big City, Bigger Dreams

NYCsublet3Usually people will associate NYC sublets with extremely high rent, and tiny living space, which is why renters who are leaving town for weeks or months at a time cringe when thinking about all the rent money they are spending that is going straight down the drain.

Most wonder how they are even going to be able to afford living elsewhere, while continuing to keep up on the bills in their New York home, and yet pay for whatever temporary living they require while not at home.

Subletting allows those who must leave town for an extended period of time to keep up on the bills while away from home, without having to eat a total loss. A property manager, landlord, or real estate agent can provide a renter for a short period of time to live in your home, within a lease that already exists.

Real estate agents are trained professionals to handle your needs with a simple phone call and a meeting, leaving you free to do whatever you need to get done before leaving New York yourself.

The good news is, you have lots of options. The rental market in NYC is always thriving in the sublet zone. Each month, hundreds of people must leave town due to a business trip, family-related issues, or a combination of something similar.

The bad news is, you must be on the constant lookout for scams–which is why it is so important to bring professionals into the equation. These tips can help lead you in the right direction:

Know Your Numbers

Only you know what you can afford, and you should know what you need in order to qualify for a sublet–before you begin searching. This will make things go a lot faster. You should have everything you need ready prior to even thinking about looking.

Get in contact with your agent. They can give you a run-down of what you will need, and when you will need it. This could make the difference between your temporary home-sweet-home, and a locked door with no key.

Surrender To Magnificence

You must realize that not every sublet you look at will be a palace–you may not find the luxury apartment you were hoping for, within your budget. Think of what it is you need, and fit those requirements into your search; What can you afford? Are you on a student budget? What luxury amenities can you actually afford–and which can you live without?

Summer Sublets

If you are in school, and committed to sublets during the summer months, you should make sure your lease is signed BEFORE spring break! You should do this even if you have not yet found employment. There are countless job opportunities available, but apartments are much harder to find.

The fact is, even though NYC is the largest market for housing in the United States, vacancy is not. Most of the time, you can find vacant apartments and sublets in the two percent region–a super low number.

All that is left now is to pack up and move! You are already aware that moving takes preparation–a lot of preparation. It shouldn’t be too much of a chore, however, it should be exciting, and new too! Get to know people around you, your neighbors, the store clerks–even the sounds and beautiful New York sights which surround you.

This is the city that people only dream of, and you live here, in a NYC sublet! Broaden your horizons, and your experience in your new sublet should be one which is never forgotten!


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