About Us

For years we have been trying to get to the center of what makes a good clothing company. Is it having the highest quality clothes and being on the cutting edge of fashion? Or is it treating your employees and customers with a level of respect that is above that of making a profit? At the end of the day, what makes a good clothing company is a combination of quality clothing and a loyal to employee and customers that goes above that of making any sort of profit. From day one we started as a clothing company that was above all others in terms of how we treated the environment and our customers.

We grew from very humble roots as a local clothing shop that was focused on making eco friendly clothing. What that meant to us was getting as much energy as we could from renewables and making our clothes with the highest quality organic products grown with 100 pesticide free farming and other organic techniques. What we ended up doing was making a company that was very eco friendly and that was on the cutting edge of style for every season. In such a way where we found that what we were doing was innovating the way that people shopped for clothing. We were not the first to think of eco friendly clothing, but we were one of the first to make it our priority. A priority to our employees and customers that we would do our best to keep our footprint low.