When it comes to the latest in fashion, there is really no telling what the latest trend will be. There is no way to tell who will be wearing what at what point and whether or not it will create a craze within the fashion world. That is why we have dedicated our lives to making clothes that are stylish for all seasons and making sure that the way in which we product them is different than other people. We are at the cutting edge of green technology and are one of the most popular eco friendly clothing lines in the world.

Stationed in Los Angeles, California,  Brightly Twisted Tie Dye provides people with the latest in seasonal fashion and we are always rotating our catalog. The fact that we chose this city as our base of operations allows us to keep an eye on what is trending in fashion and to keep our finger on the pulse of what the next big thing will be. Fashion is sort of a guessing game, but the fact that we call this city home means that we are doing a lot less guessing than other companies that are stationed elsewhere.

Commitment to quality

Our clothes are made with the finest materials and are handcrafted by dedicated workers. We do not outsource our work nor do we import our materials. Every piece of clothing that you see is made from grade A American materials and crafted by a grade A United States worker. Unlike other places of business in the fashion industry, we are working on ways to improve the overall quality of life for our workers rather than making a profit.

Green technology is a word that people often associate with industrial work, but we believe that it goes far beyond that and can be applied to any area of labor. That is why our shops use solar energy and wind energy to run the high tech machines that we use to craft the latest clothes to fit the latest fashion. Green technology is something that we believe that unlike fashion, can actually save the world. After all, what good are clothes of there is nobody around to wear them?

The future of fashion

We are the future not only because we create clothes that represent the cutting edge of the fashion industry, but because we use practices that help the future of the world. We do believe that what we are doing has the possibility of changing not only the world of fashion, but the entire face of the planet. We are an eco friendly clothes company that cares and that is always updating our practices to make sure that we are doing good by the planet and our customers.

Join us as we help shape the future of fashion one garment and one green technology at a time. We are here to make sure that when it comes to the fashion world, not only are we cutting edge, but we are a company that cares about the world’s problems.

Home Beer Making – Top 5 Beginner Beers to Brew

Home beer making has now ended up being a really easy job. There are many home developing sets readily available on the market today. Seasonal beers are generally readily available at the clubs and not at regional stores. Also buying the special beer bottles from the grocery store is costly affair; therefore, lots of beer fans have actually started brewing beer in your home.

If you are a novice and still want to discover ways to brew beer of your own option, then there are many excellent beer-brewing sets that can be quite handy to brew a quality beer at home. Despite you not having sufficient abilities, you can still get started.

If you are a newbie, start with developing easy and simple beers. Many people recommend the newbies to keep away from lagers and sour beers as they can be fussier and require more devices compared with brewing other beers. Select a design that can be made with extract, hops, and yeasts, as they are easy to brew, taste better, and condition rapidly.

Basic beers have the bitter part and take less time than those, which have flavoring and aroma hops. Start with something with an OG of 1.070 or less as having a high gravity will make the entire process easier for the beginners. Use dry yeast and do a malt extract beer with some grains. Do not start with a mini mash or all grains.

Let us have a look at the numerous types of beer as well as some beginner beers to brew in the house.

First in the list of excellent beers is Ales
The very best part of ales is that when it is brewed it does not transform much of the sugars into alcohol, which provides it a sweeter and fruitier taste. For novices brewing Real Brew Pale Ale and Brewers, Best Orchard Ale is advised, as they are much easier to brew compared to other lines of Ales beer. You can add different tastes to it such as mint, citrus etc. This is a very low-cost beer to brew.

The 2nd choice can be Lagers

The majority of the lagers have a crisp taste and can vary from extremely light to very dark based on the brewing procedure. This beer goes well with spicy, Indian and Mexican foods.

The stouts are 3rd in place

Stouts are the really dark full-bodied type of beer and have a taste really similar to the coffee. They can be brewed in other tastes like sweet, bitter, milk, and even oatmeal. Chocolate Stout is a safe beer to brew by the newbies. It is extremely smooth, chocolaty and tastes excellent among the other beers in the same classification.

Fourth in the list are porters

These are extremely strong and scrumptious kind of beer. This beer is darkFree Articles, strong and has bitter hops taste with a hint of chocolate.

The 5th beer in the sequence is Pilsners

This beer has a golden color and is clear. This does not have a thick body and is soft and easy to drink. Having hoppy complete tastes they are usually more favored than basic lagers.